Analysis some chemical and microbiological properties of (al-zhazhi) cheese at the countryside of soran city in kurdistan-north Iraq

The aim of the study was to analysis chemical traits and microbiological content in Al-zhazhi cheese; collected from different place in soran city-Kurdistan-north Iraq The study also included the effect of storage freeze for 30 days on the quality of Al-zhazhi cheese. The average valuesof the chemical analysis were protein 23.80%, fat 20.95%, moisture 54.17%, total solid 45.72%, acidity 0.18% and PH4.73, that study found that some changes in chemical properties after storage all parameter were increased, whereas moisturecontent 46.52% was decreased after storage. Also there were significant (p<0.01),(p<0.05) changes in acidity 0.32% and PH 3.61 before and after storage.Regarding microbial content, it was noticed that there is some relations between storage and microbial content. the total aerobic bacteria was1.98×105cfu/gsignificantly decreased after storage .staphylococcus aureus was totally disappoint in some samples were as increased in some other sample .furthermore, Psychrotrophic bacteria was2.72×103cfu/g significantly increased after storage (p<0.01),(p<0.05). In addition, this result showed that the chemical properties that conformity for each analysis data after storage during freeze.However, high rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Psychrotrophic in (Al-zhazhi) sample, after storage during freeze suggesting a lack of sanitary conditions during production. Assess time of storage especially during freeze significantly (P < 0.01) (P < 0.05), affected the analysisof chemical and microbiological properties on (Al-zhazhi) cheese.

Holem Hahsmrasul Balaky
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