Avoiding collision scenarios in the traffic signal preemption algorithm

Traffic is a major issue in metropolitan cities all over the world. The occurrence of traffic congestion is due to the increase in number of vehicles in a certain path than the expected flow. Traffic is a major problem when it comes to the movement of emergency vehicles. Emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines are stuck in traffic and often face delay in reaching the destination. Most of the time this happens in Traffic Signals. There are many methods in place to allow emergency vehicles pass by the traffic signal freely. One of the technique used is traffic signal preemption. In this technique, the problem occurs when there are more than one emergency vehicle approaching the same junction at relatively the same time. This paper introduces a method which detects if more than one ambulance would meet at a location simultaneously and reroute one or more emergency vehicles to ensure smooth movement of all the emergency vehicles. If more than one emergency vehicle would reach a signal at relatively the same time, then the algorithm checks rerouting which vehicle is most efficient and reroutes it to the next best route to its destination. This method uses GPS coordinates and google map API’s to get the required input values. The method discussed in this paper provides an efficient solution to avoid the confusion of which traffic signal is to be turned green when there are many ambulances approaching the same junction.

Velmurugan, Jerin John, V. and Athira Thomas, V.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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