Chemical and functional characterizations of lentil protien concentrate

Many protein concentrates have been developed for providing different functional or physical properties to meet the requirement of various food systems. The main purpose of this research work was to isolate the most refined form of protein from lentil and to combat the problem of malnutrition. In this research work, lentil (Lens CulinarisL.) was collected from Monywa Township, SagaingRegion and nutritional values of lentil flour like moisture content, ash content, protein content, crude fiber content, fat content and carbohydrate content were determined. The fat from lentil flour was removed by soaking in ethanol and also by soxhlet extraction using ethanol as solvent before isolating the protein. The fat removal efficiency of these two methods were investigated. Moreover, combined effect of these two methods on the removal percentage of fat from lentil was studied. 56.35 ± 0.02% protein content (defatted lentil) was obtained by soaking in ethanol solution for 16hr and followed by soxhlet extraction (meal to solvent ratio were1:5).

ZarZar Oo, Thwe Linn Ko and SoeSoe Than
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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