Comparative indoor and outdoor aerosol pollution study of sensitive zones of bhopal city, India

Aerosol has recently become an issue of increasing importance in pollution studies due to its noticeable effects on global environment as well as on human health. Aerosol pollution has many sources, most of which are associated with urban development, industrial development, road, air and rail transport etc. Aerosol pollution study is novel research carried out first time in Bhopal city. Aerosols of the size 10 micron & 2.5 micron are being considered as main parameter for this study.Total twelve monitoring sites were identified in Bhopal city as sensitive zones for study. The average result concluded that the aerosol pollution (PM2.5, PM10) level were found exceeding the Indian National Ambient Air Quality Standards limits in indoor & outdoor atmosphere of selected malls and hospitals than the indoor & outdoor atmosphere of selected schools. Among all selected monitoring locations in Bhopal city, environmental status of aerosol pollution is least at Raja Bhoj airport.

Mishra, A.A., Reeta Kori, Alok Saxena, Nisha Upadhyay, Shrivastava P.K. and Ankita Kulshreshtha
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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