Computer anxiety of the instructional technologies acceptance in primary classroom teachers in the universty of hail

The present study aims to address the applicability of technology acceptance model (TAM) in education. A study typical that miror the features and utilze TAM services is developed and empirically tested by using anylasis model on datasets consisting with a total of 7797 primary classroom teachers have been drawn from a stratified sample randomly, consisting of 294 male primary classroom teachers and 7503 female primary classroom teachers. This study would further assert that computer anexity (CA) on science educators is negatively correlated to Perceived Ease of Use (PE) with regards to Instructional technology usage. The study found that the intention to use (IU) influenced Primary classroom teachers’ actual use (AU) of Instructional technologies in primary classroom teachers. But perceived usefulness (PU) seems to not influence primary classroom teachers’ intentions to apply Instructional technologies in primary schools. Primary classroom teachers are more likely to be concerned with the ease of use in Instructional technology in making decisions to use the technology for teaching, as opposed to how Instructional technology would facilitate better education and learning through their use. This study will contribute to decision-making to disseminate Instructional technologies adoption among primary classroom teachers in the primary schools and is beneficial to specialists in teacher training, and those in charge of their training in Instructional technologies.

Khalid Al Shammari
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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