Direct-to-consumer-advertising in the society- a review

Direct to consumer advertising (DTCA) is the process which is generally applied to the marketing of pharmaceutical products. The first direct-to-consumer-advertising for prescription drug appeared in Reader’s Digest in 1981 in USA. Each individual has its own reaction towards direct-to-consumer-advertising or one can say that the overall reaction towards direct-to-consumer-advertising for prescription drugs is mixed. The study proved that direct-to-consumer-advertising can be acceptable by the society if it shows positive response for better knowledge and awareness. Due to continuous growth in the society, the attitude and awareness among the individuals made direct-to-consumer-advertising a significant source. Web and other mediums has changed the views of individuals and opened the doors and opportunities for the promotion and enhancing knowledge of consumers and customers.

Navjot Kaur and Dr. Upendra Nagaich
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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