Diversity and abundance of zooplankton in river narmada at jabalpur region (M.P.)

The paper deals with the zooplankton composition, variation and diversity indices in river Narmada at Jabalpur region. Zooplankton diversity is one of the most important ecological parameters in water quality assessment and good indicator of the changes in water quality. Zooplankton formed important quantitative component of net plankton of the four parts; Protozoa dominantly contributed to their abundance while Copepoda> Rotifera> Cladocera> Ostracoda were sub-dominant groups. Samples were collected during August 2015 to January 2016 to calculate diversity of Zooplankton in two sampling stations in Jabalpur namely Gwarighat and Bhedaghat. A total of 2012 organism of 27 species were found in sampling stations. Among these, Copepods comprise of 7 species, Rotifera of 8 species, Cladocera of 4 species, 7 Protozoan species, and 1 Ostracoda species. The Shannon’s Index of Zooplankton was determined (H = -0.839586) that indicate a good variation. The study aims to conserve the zooplanktons which are declining day by day.

Arjun Shukla and Reeta Solanki
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