The evaluation of child abuse in Indian perspective

The nature of exploitation of children may vary but prevalence of exploitation has no exception whether it be developed, developing or under developed nation. This issue plagues most of the societies. In India, a sizeable number of children is deprived of their basic needs. Parents are unable to discharge their parental responsibility due to several reasons as extreme poverty, illiteracy, ill-health or disturbed mental states. Family disintegration is another cause which makes the situation worse resulting into truancy and vagrancy, bringing children onto the street's. Such children are subject to emotional abuse. Physical or sexual abuse or traumas also hit children making them more vulnerable. In recent years, children and their problems have been receiving attention both of the government as also of the society but we must say that the problems are of such enormous magnitude that all that has been done till now is not sufficient.

Anant Singh Jeliyang
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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