Impact of information and communication technology on higher education in India

It is said that “knowledge is power”. In the case of our nation which was once known for its grand status of “Vishwa Guru” is again ready to emerge as knowledge super power in the world by transforming our population into knowledge enabled working population. The gradual process of human socialization takes place by the affection of parents and interaction with society. In this process, education plays a very vital role and transforms a biological man who is guided by instincts into a sociological man who is known for his thoughts and culture. With the modernization of our society, when every nook and corner is being guided by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), then “Education” which is known as the biggest socializing and modernization guiding factor cannot remain untouched with the blessings of this technology. It is a bitter fact that our country is facing the challenges of inadequate technology access and inequity coupled with economic considerations and technological know-how. So, emergence of ICT can be seen as a practical solution which has created a drastic change in almost every field including business, governance and education and its miracle has enabled the world to move forward very rapidly towards digital media. So, its role in the enhancement of education has become increasingly important. In the present 21st century the use of ICTs in education and its related activities like research and others are watching an unprecedented growth. This transformation can be termed as a revolution and seen in the form of a boom which has changed the pattern of disseminating education in today’s era. The changes are not only in the form of dissemination but it can be seen in the betterment of interaction pattern and communication skill with the students and vice versa. The main idea behind this paper is to find out the role of ICT in education sector in our country with an assessment of its impact on students and teachers which has facilitated the growth of interactive learning in higher education with social effectiveness.

Chandra Shekhar Singh
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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