Kriyakalpa” in “panchakarma

The Panchakarma therapy is essentially design to restore the in integrity of Shrotas system in body in the health and disease. Thus the Panchakarma therapy and allied therapeutic practices are essentially biopurificatory procedures aiming to cleanse the channels of body optimizing the natural body function. As Panchakarma is the main stream treatment same as that Kriyakalpa is backbone and essentially important treatment of Shalakya. All Kriyakalpa upkrama like Snehana, ushnasnana, Anjana, Nasya, Tarpana, Putapaka, etc. are based and derived from Panchakarma. Ability of evacuation, superiority of efficacy and enormity of procedure target of dosha eradication and multitude of action are characteristics of Panchakarma and Kriyakalpa procedures. So we can conclude that Kriyakalpa are including under Panchakarma. The Panchakarma and allied Kriyakalpa are the subject matter of this review article.

Dr. Pramod Chandra Dwivedi, Dr.Pulsi Pande, Dr. Prachi Kawthekar and Dr. M. K. Vyas
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Int J Inf Res Re
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