Leadership concepts, theories, styles, practices and principles for institutional development in sierra leone

Most companies have leaders with strong operational skills needed to maintain the status quo. However, they face a critical deficit. They lack people in positions of power with the appropriate know-how, experience, and confidence required to tackle what management scientists call “wicked problems.” Such problems can’t be solved by a single command. They have courses that seem incomprehensible and solutions that seem uncertain that often require companies to transform the way they do business. This study is undertaken to bring to the notice of administrators the various theories that are used by successful leader. It also focuses on encouraging these administrators to put into use the theory that best suits their workplace. Reviews of other work formed part of this work and their ideas borrowed for proper implementation. It was concluded that leadership style varies from one organisation to another and leaders are guided on how to select the appropriate theory, style and principles so as to make meaningful progress with their organizations. Recommendations for positive leadership principles were highlighted for Institutional development.

Adikali Kaba Sesay, Alpha Bassie Mansaray, Abdul Amid Aziz Jalloh, Ishmail Gibril Seisay and Emmanuel Alpha Mansaray-Pearce
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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