Nutrition and food consumption of non-working women in kashmir (rural & urban)

The study was undertaken to assess the nutritional status of non-working females residing in Kashmir both rural and urban population. The study shows status of disease, use of nutritional supplements and quantity of cream used in coffee. The study also depicts that how much butter they consume and also consumption of eggs, fried foods, poultry, snacks and this study shows how often they take fruits.The results of the study shows that the subjects eat fried foods sometimes in a week, study also manifests that some subjects use to eat fruits but some don’t have concept of fruit benefits. The study also reveals that the rural women have less diseases as compared to urban women. Aim: The aim of this study is to check Nutrition and Food Consumption of Non-Working Women in Kashmir (rural and urban). Method: The study was conducted in Jammu & Kashmir division. The sample comprised of hundred females who were selected for convenient sampling technique and were taken from both rural and urban community.

Seerat, Sumeeza Majied and Sadiqa Shafiq
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Int J Inf Res Re
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