An overview of modified aproiri algorithm on frequent trajectory system of an object: emerging opportunities of game theory application

Frequent pattern mining has been an emerging and active field in data mining research for over a decade. Abundant literature has been emerged from this research and tremendous progress has been made in numerous research frontiers. This article, provide an application of the modified Apriori algorithm in coordinate sets of trajectories to find the frequent trajectory coordinates. In this algorithm additional steps are added to prune the coordinate setsgenerated so that to reduce the unnecessary search time and space.This sequential pattern mining method is quite simple in naturebut complex to implement. This paper explains the basics of dataorigination, database structure to hold the coordinate datasets andthe implementation of the algorithm with the object orientedprogramming language by an illustration. It can be applied tointeresting game theory domains to find the frequent trajectory of anobject shot by a player which follows a trajectory path.

Nihar Ranjan Hota, Ipsit Ranjan Joshi Manas Ranjan Moharana and Jyostna Rani Rout
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Int J Inf Res Re
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