A qualitative research on parents’ views regarding digital games played by the children aged between 4-5 as well as why they keep playing such games

The aim of this study was to examine parent opinions about 4-5 age group children to play digital games causes and digital games. In the study, a semi-structured interview form which is include 13 questions has been used. The study consists of 17 parents who have children aged between 4-5. As a result of the study 4-5 age group of girls "educational games" often expressed by parents preferred. 4-5 age group male children, "action games" and "brain teaser games" for the most part have expressed that they prefer. It was expressed that children usually playing digital game 1 hour in a day. Pointed out; digital games were mostly affect negatively to children's cognitive enhancement but, partly affect positively for learning new things. In terms of children's emotional devolopment affect negatively was more obvious and they attached this to being children introverted. Most of the parents of children that play digital games had stated that they considered neutral part while suffering from this condition. The majority of parents stated as digital games are unnecessary. Parents attributed the reason of their children playing digital games to; environmental factors, attraction of digital games and individual factors. Their children affected by their friends, the media and external environmantel, parents pointed out. Most of the parents said that their children are incented with conscious or unconscious to play digital games.

Emre Ozan TİNGAZ, Hacer Özge BAYDAR, Muhsin HAZAR, Belgin GÖKYÜREK and Meryem ALTUN
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Int J Inf Res Re
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