Study of cement treated base agreagate properties for pavement structure

Balancing out materials with concrete is an appealing alternative to enable less reasonable materials to be utilized as base course or subbase. This is particularly the situation when great quality common materials are definitely not accessible or rare. Concrete TreatedAggregate Base (CTAB) is a non-conventional method used to improve aggregate's engineering properties due to the hardening of cement when moisture is present and extends during the period of curing times. Among the distinctive settled materials, bond bound materials build up a very high firmness and quality, and show great execution for asphalt serviceability and high toughness. Thus, the primary purpose of this study is investigation of cement treatedinfluence on the sand-gravel mixture by presenting a laboratory investigation aimed to characterize the behavior of CTAB at various cement portion (0,5,10,and15) % by weight of dry aggregate. Attemberg limits, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test, unconfined compressive strength tests, and plate load test have been conducted on CTAB mixtures. Also, this research includes the design of pavement structure involving CTAB to enhance the economicbenefit from using CTAB. The strength of cement treated aggregate base represented by California bearing ratio (CBR) and compressive strength with percent higher than those to base by 46% and 58% respectively. The using of CTAB, binder and surface course present the best economical choice of pavement structure.Mixtures having cement satisfiedfewer than 10%% might be used as subbase materials instead of being used in pavement base.

Rasha. Abd Al-RedhaGhani, Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Jummaily and Dr. Ahlam K. R. Al-Zerjawi
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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