Study of investor perception towards unconventional tool of investment with special refrence to mutual funds in phagwara region

Saving means not spending all of your current income on consumption. Investing on the other hand, is choosing what assets to hold. We may choose to invest in safe assets, risk assets, or a combination of both. Different avenues and alternatives of investment include share market, debentures or bonds, money market instruments, mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, precious objects, derivatives, non-marketable securities. All are differentiated based on their different features in terms of risk, return, term etc. Are you searching for investment alternatives to park idle funds? This paper provides a comprehensive list of such investment alternatives. Investment in any of the alternatives depends on the needs and requirements of the investor. Corporates and individuals have different needs. Before investing, these alternatives of investments need to be analyzed in terms of their risk, return, term, convenience, liquidity etc. In this paper we focus on Mutual fund Investment in India and investors perception towards it. For this we study the investor’s perception of Phagwara region. Phagwara is a city and it recently became Municipal Corporation in Kapurthala district in North India, in the central part of the Punjab. The city is internationally recognized because a large amount of NRI (Non-resident Indian) population belongs to this city. Before Phagwara was merged with Kapurthala district it was part of Jalandhar district.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh and Karan Veer Singh
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