Study on phytochemical screening from cladode extracts of casuarina equisetifolia. l., using various polar solvents

The current study has been done to screen the active secondary metabolites present in the cladode extract of Casuarina equisetifolia.L., using different polar solvents. The plant sample was collected from Nemilancherry (Pudhucherry district, Tamilnadu) and was authenticated by Botanical Survey of India. The dried and powdered cladode samples were extracted using water, ethanol (9:1) and methanol (9:1). The resulting filtrate was concentrated using rotary evaporator and was used for comparativequalitative screening of potential phytochemicals present in the extract of various solvents, using standard procedure. The results obtained indicates that ethanol cladode extract of Casuarina equisetifolia.L., serves as a suitable solvent , that could be used for the extraction of active phytochemicals. Thus this extract could have its application both in food and pharmaceutical industry.

Saranya, V.T.K. and Uma Gowrie, S.
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