Travel recommendation system with multi-point-of-interest based on collaborative filtering

Location-based social networks provide an interface for users to share their locations and write reviews about interesting places of attraction. The shared locations form the digital footprints, in which each user has many connections to many locations. It indicates user preference to locations. In this paper, an approach has been proposed for travel recommendation to help users make travel plans. The approach utilizes data collected from location based social networks to model a set of suggestions. It determines users’ preferred destinations using collaborative filtering approaches. Recommendations are generated by jointly considering user preference and location co-relation, on this basis a travel route planning algorithm has been designed to generate travel packages. In this paper  a prototype system has been developed, which obtains users’ travel demands from mobile user and generates travel packages containing multiple points of interest and their visiting sequence.

Yashasvee Shukla and Dr. Jyoti
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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