Comparative susceptibility of some sugarcane genotypes (saccharum spp.) to moth borers sesamia cretica led., (noctuideae) and chilo partellus swinhoe (crambidae); under field conditions and their effects on yield in Sudan

These trials were conducted at Sugarcane Research Center, Guneid; located at latitude 15oN, longitude 33oE, for three consecutive seasons namely, 2007/08-2009/10. Nine sugarcane genotypes, (hybrids of Saccharum spp.) Namely, B 70531; B 79136; BJ 7451; BJ 7938; BJ 82105; BT 74209; COC 671; DB 75159 and TUC 75-3 were evaluated against sugarcane stalk borers in a field trial with; three commercial varieties namely, CO 527; CO 997 and CO 6806 were incorporated as checks. Results showed the percentage of bored jointsof 1.68%, 1.21% and 1.63% in plant cane (PC); this gradually stabilized at 1.7%, 1.6%, and 1.74% in first ratoon crop (R1), and 1.26%, 1.17%and 1.14% in second ratoon crop (R2). The mean number of dead hearts determined per 15m2 tended to decrease from 1.13, 1.49, 1.31, 0.84 and 1.05 during successive counts from March to May.Accordingly, the infestation levels by cane borers during the trial period were very low therefore;no specific control measures were recommended rather, the continuation with current field practices.

PhilipWaniMarchelo-d'Ragga and Ahmed O. Ahmed
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