The importance of the cryptography based on elliptic curves in wireless sensor networks security

Wireless sensor networks are ubiquitous in monitoring applications, medical control, environmental control and military activities… In fact, a wireless sensor network consists of a set of communicating nodes distributed over an area in order to measure a given magnitude, or receive and transmit data independently to a base station which is connected to the user via the Internet or a satellite, for example. Each node in a sensor network is an electronic device which has calculation capacity, storage, communication and power. However, attacks in wireless sensor networks can have negative impacts on critical network applications leading to the minimization of security within these networks. So it is important to secure these networks in order to maintain their effectiveness. In this paper, we have initially attempted to study approaches oriented towards cryptography and based on elliptic curves, then we have compared the performance of each method relative to others.

Mohammed Said SALAH, Abderrahim Maizate and Mohammed OUZZIF
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Int J Inf Res Re
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