Rock art paintings in Villupuram district – A study

Villupuram district of Tamilnadu in India is rich and plenty of rock and paintings. The pioneering task was traced out by K.V. Raman, R.Pandidurai and K.T. Gandhi and has also done concrete work by documentation and photography. The present study has covered some sites where rock out painting found in Villupuram district. The symbol at Kilvalai are similar to those of Indus valley seals but these are chromatically post – dated to Indus Valley as it has horse symbols which are absent in Indeus valley civilization. It is preserved that there was a connection between Indus Vally and Tamil region and influence of the Socio-Cultural trends. These painting might be dated to 1000BC to 500BC or beginning of the Megalithic period, the paintings found at Sethavarai, Alampadi and Padiyanthal might have belonged to 1000BC to 500BC, Neolithic and 1000 BC to 500 BC respectively. It is also indicating that techno-social and cultural development was possible as it has X-Ray paintings which are shown inner part of the animals. According to material evidences, the painting at Kollur can be late Neolithic 1300 BC to 1200 BC and as drawings at Sikkadu is related to Tamil Brahmi Script, it may be related to the period of 500BC to 300BC. The paints of Kulamthakka might be dated from 1000 to BC and the painting at Somasamudhram might have belonged to late Neolithic and early megalithic period. A drawing of big sized domesticated animal figure depicted at Somasamudhram where domestic animal was in maximum level might have been possible in this region. Thengunam paintings and Konaiputhur paintings might have belonged to pre-historic age at Devathanapettai hill, there are numerous Dolmens have been found with white colour rock art painting. A human tattoos seems to be worshipping the god by two hands, the paintings at Devathanapettai reflects the religious activities of the human beings. The Rock paintings were also a kind of media to convey the messages to others during the pre and proto historic period. Nowadays it is also sources to study about the socio-economic and religious conditions of the human past.

Ranganathan, D. and Dr. Jayaselvadoss
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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