What are we doing in turkey to improve joint commission international’s patient centered care standards (cop)?

Accreditation process includes a series of problems that are identified as consistency with mission and vision, patient privacy, patient records and documentation, working with quality data, employee performance and allowances, working with a clinical guide, working in accordance with patient transfer standards, pharmaceutical prescription system, blood and blood products, data analysis performance improvement. COP, ranking fifth in the JCI's patient centered standards, contains 22 standards and 74 measurable elements. The COP 2 standard, however, contains 5 standards and 18 corresponding measurable elements which are regarded as the fundamental features of a patient care planning and coordination and significant indicators for nursing care. This study aims at establishing the extent to which the COP 2 standard is being met in Turkey and at Acıbadem Healthcare Group (AHG), and making a critique of the possible consequences for nurses in case they are not met and promoting awareness regarding the COP 2 standard in general.

Saliha KOÇ
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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