Achieving privacy protection of multifactor authentication in cloud

Recent day online transaction will be affected by various types of attackers. To protect our password from hacker or attacker, an efficient security mechanism is used. The main aim of this paper is to provide the security for the online environments using multifactor authentication like passwords, fingerprint etc. For this purpose this work proposes a virtual password concept involving a small amount of human computing to secure users’ passwords in online environments. Here differentiated security mechanisms is proposed in which a user has the freedom to choose a virtual password scheme ranging from weak security to strong security. The tradeoff is that stronger schemes are more complex. Among the schemes, we have a default method (i.e., traditional password scheme), a system recommended function, a user-specified function, a user-specified program, and so on. A function/program is used to implement the virtual password concept by trading security for complexity by requiring a small amount of human computing. According to the fingerprint based security process can ensure the security in an online. The experimental result shows that, users can securely survey in the online transaction in an efficient and easy manner.

Ms.Teena Joseph and Dr.Latha Parthiban
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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