ACL – reconstructive surgery with proprioceptive exercises – An evidence based study

An increasing road traffic accidents among youngsters injury bones and ligaments among youngsters injury bones and ligaments needs prompt care. Post anterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction surgeries (ACL – R) with due physiotherapy and regular follow up are vital for good functional outcome. Aims & Objective of this original case presentation was to analyse impact of core strengthening along with knee rehabilitation on obesity and womac scale post ACL – R. Materials & Methodology: 32 year old female having undergone ACL – R (Left) was regularly treated with physiotherapy from 06.06.2017 till 10.12.2017. With core strengthening, closed kinematic exercises impact of exercises on obesity and knee functioning were evaluated and analysed using due statistical means. Results: reduction in obesity and womac scale with P<.01. Conclusion: Physiotherapy to the affected limb along with core strengthening resisted and closed kinematic exercises shows on early prognosis with functional activities and reduction in obesity were the major outcome of this presentation.

Dr. Subramanian, S.S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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