Active methods in the teaching-learning process of the english language at the pacific national high school

Using the active method in the second language learning process promotes the achievement of better results. The approach deals with the use of these methods in the Pacific National High School. We used investigation, observation, interviews and surveys to determine how often ac-tive method applications in English teaching at the School were used for the development of re-search and observation. The results showed low domain language achievement because the Eng-lish Language teacher did not apply these methods, negatively influencing student motivation and outcomes in classes. The information obtained was the basis for the development strategies we recommended to be used for active learning in the English classroom.

Johanna Guadalupe Vélez Cedeño, Roberto Manuel Torres Rodríguez, 1Luis Fernando Guerra Moreira, 1María Angélica Rivadeneira Zambrano, María Soledad Williams Zambrano
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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