Antimicrobial property, phytochemistry and nutritional profiles of gossypiumhirusitium

The leaves of a malvacae-Gossypiumhirusitium was subjected to proximate analyses and amino acid analyses using standard procedures. Determination of amino acid profile consisted of hydrolysis of proteins to constituent amino acids followed by the quantitative estimation of the amino acids in the hydrolysate. Crude protein, fibre, ash, nitrogen free extracts (fat) and moisture contents were determined by AOAC methods. Anti-nutritional composition and antibacterial properties of the plant was determined using standard procedures. Chromatogram peaks of the hydrolysate showed that the leaf of the plant contains all essential amino acids that would avert risk associated with amino acid deficiencies in a diet. The nutritional analysis of the plant showed a high level of protein (36%). The crude fibre (26%) and ash (22%) are high and may aid bowel movement and increase mineral contents respectively. The quantitative phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of Alkaloid (0.89%), Oxalate (0.14%), Cyanogenic glycosides (1.02mg/100ml), Phytic acid (5.53mg/100ml) and Tannin (0.35mg/100ml). The antimicrobial activity of the plants tested on Salmonella typhi, Shigella dysenteriae, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa revealed that the plant had a low activity on most of the organisms at a low concentration but the activity was better at higher concentrations. Although this plant is cultivated for its fibre, it is now indicated to contain amino acids to consumers which use its leaves for tea for phytotherapy. It is therefore concluded that the leaf of G. hirusitium is a complete protein and regular consumption of the leaf and its concoctions would boost amino acid levels in the body and fight against some invading pathogenic bacteria.

Oguoma O.I., Adeleye S.A., Ezeifeka G. O., Braide, W., Nwiyi, P. and Egbadon, E. O
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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