Arazá marketing and its influence on the economy of families the province of simon bolivar city guayas

It is important to consider in the present research the scientific problem to propose solutions to the problems of marketing Simon Bolivar city araza fruit, its use, its benefits and the potential which has to be part of the Ecuadorian market in various forms. Done field research in which it has investigated the perception of people towards the fruit and in the same way that availability have consume it or how might the possibility of massive production so this product can be processed by the industry and sold in various markets in the region and the country. As result of the research has been proposed the design of a strategic plan to obtain the araza both for culture as for its consumption, marketing and industrial processing, plan that seeks to interest both to farmers as entrepreneurs in the exploitation of the araza and therefore collaborate with the development of the region and change of the productive matrix.

Rosa Espinoza Toalombo, Hugo Campos Rocafuerte and Bremero Fabiani Orbea
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