The biases that affect the evaluation of university teaching by students from the faculties of science in Morocco

This article aimed to identify biases that could affect items that assessed university education by students (SET); the 8 items that assess SET are those who have been used by Laurentian University. The questionnaire was administered to Moroccan university students at the Faculty of Sciences Rabat in 2013. The reliability is checked by calculating Cronbach's alpha. T-tests and ANOVA were used to verify the influence of potential biases. The regression analysis on the average for SET was used to estimate the relative weight of some moderating variables. Results have not revealed the influence of the students or teachers genre. The study showed, however, that certain variables were likely to influence the results of SET.

Jaouad Alem, Ines Bouguerra, Amina En-Nya and Khalid Taghzouti
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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