Citizenship education in Ghana: A traditional and modern perspective in development

Citizenship education and pedagogy have gone through a number of changes in the decades encompassing the early days of our fore-fathers up to the modern days in Ghana. Throughout these dynamics, a number of changes both internal and external to the educational conceptions have shaped the role and direction of citizenship education. This article considers these changes from traditional and modern perspectives of Ghana. Through this historical overview, it is clear that there has been a change in the traditional form of citizenship education regarding new topics and the form of pedagogy over the last decades. Where it took the entire community members in an informal way to inculcate citizenship values among the youth has shifted to the formal education where the school is at the centre stage in shaping the youth to be civic conscious. It has become clear that the new focus for much of today’s citizenship education has a greater emphasis on global citizenship and interconnectedness of people around the globe. These new areas of pedagogy bring to the fore challenges and opportunities for effective citizenship education in today’s classroom environment and serve as a reminder of how citizenship education continues to change to meet current trends, issues and pedagogical approaches.

Boadu Kankam
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