Comparative evaluation of shy-nm and remin pro on the microhardness of bleached enamel: an in vitro study

The current study was done to evaluate the remineralising effect of SHY-NM and Remin Pro tooth pastes on the microhardness of bleached enamel. Fortyhuman maxillary central incisors were divided into four groups (n=10).The Group A consisted of intact enamel which is the positive control group and Group B consisted of bleached enamel samples as the negative control group. The samples from Group B, Group C and Group D were subjected to bleaching procedure with Pola Office bleaching agent (35% hydrogen peroxide, SDI, Australia) for 8 minutes and the procedure was repeated for three times consecutively as per manufacturer’s instructions. The samples of Group C and Group D were then subjected to remineralisation procedure using the agents SHY-NM and Remin Pro twice daily for 5 minutes for 20 days consecutively with a cotton applicator. All the samples were then subjected to surface microhardness testing using Vickers microhardness tester and the data obtained were analysed using one way ANOVA and group wise comparison was done using Post-Hoc Tukey’s test with a significancelevel set at P<0.05 . The results revealed a significant decrease in enamel microhardness after bleaching procedure. The application of Remin Pro showed a significant increasein enamel microhardness whereas SHY-NM showed a marginal recovery in microhardness. The study concluded that Remin Pro exhibited a good recovery in enamel microhardness and can be ensured as a promising material for remineralisation of bleached enamel.

Jayashankara C.M., John, Jyothi Kashi Nanjunda setty, Paluvary Sharath Kumar and Girish, S.A.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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