Comparison of various physical and motoric features of normal and gifted students

In this study, motor skills of giftedstudents with no professional sports background who are more succesful than others in terms of perception and academical success, are compared with the motor skills of ones who are not accepted as gifted. Weights, heights, flexibility, vertical jump, standing broad jump, right-left grip power, right-left visual and auditory reaction times of 50 male students (10,66 age) selected from a 12500 sample with a 3 stage test and 105 male participants (10,96 age) selected randomly among students who are not accepted as successful, were measured.SPSS 19,0 package programme was utilized for statistical analysis and signifance value was taken to be 0,05. Findings of this study imply that motor performance skills, especially reaction time values, of gifted subjects were superior to the other group. The gifted are also more successful in right and left hand grip power, vertical and standing broad jump tests. The other group performed better only in the sit-ups. No statistical difference was observed in balance and flexibility tests between two groups. Results are supposed to be related with the high concentration abilities of gifted students. The observed success in the perormance data reveals that it would be beneficial to divert gifted students to various sports branches.

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Int J Inf Res Rev
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