The composition of existence and the definition of spirit, heart and mind according to quantum physics

Due The study of the composition of our existence is divided into two schools: natural science and social or spiritual disciplines. Natural science tells us we are made of matter and energy. Social or spiritual disciplines study the spiritual and conscious aspects of our existence. In this paper, we demonstrate that everyone and everything is made of matter, energy, and information. Wepropose to identify and define spiritas the content of information, spiritual heart as the receiver of information, and mind as the processor of information respectively. We will show that these definitions make it possible to use quantum physics to explain and study spiritual phenomena, pavingthe way to integrate spirituality and natural science at the fundamental level. Furthermore, this framework reveals a great deal about the true potential of human beings and how they can access higher powers.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and Rulin Xiu
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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