Conservation and performance of some bael (aegle marmelos correa) genotypes under rain-fed ecosystem of Eastern India

Nine commercial bael genotypes of 10 years age were evaluated at research center Ranchi under ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna during 2008-09. Out of these six genotypes viz. Pant Sujata, Pant Aparna, Pant Urbashi, Barabanki Collection, Begusarai Collection and HABL-1 brought forth commercial fruiting. The maximum fruit weight of 1.2 kg was recorded in case of Pant Aparna in both the years and which was par with Pant Urbashi. The genotypes Pant Sujata and Pant Urbashi accounted for the maximum pulp weight during 2008 and 2009, respectively. In both the years the genotypes, Pant Urbashi exhibited the maximum skull weight. The minimum fruit weight and seed number were found in case of HABL-1. On the other hand genotypes, Barabanki Collection had the maximum seed numbers in both the years. Regarding fruit quality attributes, the genotype HABL-1 recorded the maximum T.S.S. of 37.00B and 39.00B in 2008 and 2009, respectively. In 2008, the genotype Pant Urbashi showed the maximum total sugar content of 12.14 per cent but Pant Sujata had the highest total sugar content (14.3 percent) in 2009.The genotypes Pant Shibani, Deoria Collection and Godda Collection did not produce flowers till 2008. The climate of this region is sub-humid and subtropical. The bael is growing here without irrigation but life saving irrigation is provided to young or adult bearing plant if needed during May –June.

Jana, B.R., Bikash Das and Madhumita Singh
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