Consumer’s behaviour in terms of paper’s recycling. case study: the municipality of aigaleo businesses in Greece

In this work the aim is to explore consumer behaviour regarding the recycling of printed paper. As case study chosen by the municipality of Aigaleo in Greece. For the purposes of research conducted both bibliographic and empiric primary research. The primary research data based on the use of laminar, which came from a questionnaire that was distributed to 50 businesses operating in the municipality of Aigaleo. The investigation revealed that certain factors affect the behavior of the citizens of the municipality of Aigaleo in recycling. More specifically, the findings of this study show that very few and specific factors influence their behaviour towards recycling. More specifically, income and level of pleasure of entrepreneurs from the cleaning services of the municipality is statistically significant determinant of their attitude towards recycling. Finally the research findings show that the age of entrepreneurs, the size of the enterprise, knowledge entrepreneurs about how they paid the fees of cleanliness, their agreement to the proposal if you give the municipality of Aigaleo free indoor paper recycling bins will participate in the recycling program and the knowledge that the tinplate packaging recycled are statistically significant factors of quantity of waste being disposed of in bins.

Roido Mitoula and Xenophontas Passas
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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