Continuing education in biosecurity standards for ecological collectors

For some time now, various changes have been made in the area of ecological waste collection in the municipality of Manta, to improve the quality of life of citizens and collecting workers, but there are still various risk factors that can to affect the quality and well-being of those who work directly in the garbage collection. For this research the following objective was proposed: Propose a Continuous Training Program for the Ecological Gatherers of the Municipality of Manta, emphasizing the Biosafety measures. The approach of the methodology was mixed, with emphasis on exploratory and descriptive studies from a non-experimental design. This research found that most ecological collectors do not have an adequate level of knowledge about biosecurity measures when collecting garbage, they report that they do not have all the appropriate tools for biosecurity barriers, which leads to the appearance of digestive affections in 47% and influenza in 39%. This work revealed the need to implement a continuous training guide on biosafety standards that will help to stimulate activities and adequate protection of workers.

Dra. Ángela Pico Pico, Mg. María Inés Riofrio Machado, Mg. Daylin Fleitas Gutiérrez and Bexy Herminia Zambrano Pinargote
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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