A critical analysis of the implication of school environment dynamics on teachers’ attitude in public secondary schools in Kenya

The environment in a school one of the key issues that affect performance of teachers in secondary schools in Kenya. In Kenya teachers work under the teacher’s Service Commission [T.Sc] which is the employing body for teachers.In order for teachers to perform it’s important that their needs should be met. The government should see to it that teachers needs are being catered for so as to enable them to work efficiently and for success to be achieved there should be comprehensive good working atmosphere which will enable the teachers to be able to perform and give quality service to the student’s. The government of Kenya should ensure that there is good teachers motivation that will encourage them to have right attitude towards their work .Teachers should be well remunerated and this has been genesis of problems of school’s in Kenya .A school must have physical materials their quality and adequacy have great impact of teachers per performance in a school .Teachers must work hard in hard with the leaders of the school’s like the principal who have been charged with responsibility of ensuring that people work in accordance to the stipulated rules of the T.S.C,Quality leaders ship results to good performance in a school and teacher’s feel motivated.In this study a qualitative research approach was used. Through the approach the researchers gave a critique on appositive note when analyzing the implication of school environment dynamics on teachers attitude in public secondary schools in Kenya. The critique analysis provided a sound evaluation which offered suggestions in form of recommendations

Daniel Gikonyo Kamau and Dr. Ruth
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