Cross country analysis of gross domestic product (gdp) of brics nations: An assessment and new evidence

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value is the indicator for the economic growth of the economy. The higher growth rate in gross domestic product leads to increase economic growth of the country.The study is designed to analyze the gross domestic product movement of BRICS nations. The abbreviation BRICS stands form Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Each country has their various different factors which affect their GDP growth rate.Yearly data from 1990 to2017 is used in the following research study. The result of Granger causality test is showing causality relationship GDP value among various BRICS nations. The following research paper also indicates how these GDP are cointegrated with each other. Data of gross domestic product have been collected from the secondary sources such as from their world trade or ganization websites and some other sources also i.e. etc. to analyze the pattern of change in gross domestic product movement of BRICS country.

Dr. Vijay Kumar
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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