Dentin and bonding of corono-radicular restorations

Bonding is now an integral part of our therapeutic arsenal. It is recognized that post and core restoration has a flexibility which is close to that of dentin. This flexibility reduces the risk of root fracture. However, the management ofbondingmaterial is difficult and makes the procedureoperator dependent. Several elements can influence thebonding protocols: The canal obturation material, medicines and disinfectants used during the treatment. On the other hand, the dentin bonding is still poorly mastered. This is due to the fact that the histological structure of dentin is not adequate to the the creation of a favourablebondingenvironment. To succeedthe bonding of coronal-radicular restoration, it seems so important to look for a mechanical anchorage of the adhesive at the level of dentinal tubules, and manage all the elements that can affect the longevity of the restoration.

Dr. Sihem Hajjaji, Dr. Hayet Hajjami, Dr. Abdellatif Boughzala and Dr. Ali Ben Rahma
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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