A design and analysis of chinmaya vision programme on outcome based education

A view of Life and a view of Profession should both be linked and instilled in the child to produce a fine human out of a child through education. Education must be supplied with the vision. It should prepare the child with the vision, to face the life with the vision, to live the life with the vision, to lead and guide the world of future with the vision. The beautifying and moulding of a child should naturally be taken in his schooling process. The examinations and qualification produce good professional with tremendous growth in the economic wise whereas education with vision produce a good human being with tremendous growth in his divinity and potential strength towards the happiest life with others. The Chinmaya vision programme in education sets the goals to produce such a human with Extra smile for serving the world.

Dr. J. Komalalakshmi
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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