Developing professional competencies among prospective teachers through heutagogical practices

In the present scenario, quantity vs. quality is burning topic of debate among educationist. Teaching - learning process in modern age is determine according to the requirement of learner at each and every level, same is applicable for education and training of prospective teachers and teacher educator. One of the prime aims of teacher education is to develop competent future teachers with the ability to create healthy learning environment and interactive teaching methods. As prospective teachers are adult learner and are nation builders of twenty first century, therefore heutagogical approaches are appropriate for developing professional competencies among them. The principles of this approaches is rooted in andragogy, where the learner are highly autonomous and self-determined. The present paper discusses the concept heutagogy, its characteristics and its use in developing professional competencies in prospective teachers.

Sangeeta Yaduvanshi and Dr. Sunita Singh
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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