Dna (a,t,c,g nucleotides) and other molecules are bits (anatomy), it is divine mechanics (ccp, code pcps and cps) that triggers and regulates replication of dna, damages during replication, repair of damaged genes, mutations of genes, carcinogenesis and c

To understand replication of DNA and other events during replication like damages, repair, mutations and carcinogenesis and cell death, we have to understand Basic Building Blocks of the universe (Fig- 1) (mass – B.B.B Bit or B-Bit) and Information s (Code PcPs) and Divine Mechanics Unit (CCP, Code PcPs and CP). Replication of DNA or Bit is conditioned (outer stimuli or acquired –water stimulates germinations) or unconditioned (hereditary or triggered by time mindness or biological clock) property of mass part of reality of basic Building blocks and it is triggered and controlled by virtue of Atomic genes part of reality. Types of DNA damages, DNA repairs, DNA mutations, carcinogenesis and cell death is due to mind part of realty. The Bits follow all orders made by CCP (thought script). That is how mind and mass (Bit or DNA or A,T,C,G nucleotides and other molecules) work together at the level of bio-molecules. These are fed thoughts and feeding was done in pre creation era by Highest center of the universe in higher centers controlling DNA replication etc.

Das, V. M.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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