Effect of different extenders on physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of sausage production

Sausage is one of the popular comminuted meat products available around the world. In sausage production, binders are added to improve texture, cooking yield and as an aid in improving quality attributes such as taste and juiciness. Mostly wheat flour is the main ingredient used as the binder in the sausage production. In present study, four types of binders were tested with wheat flour. Rice (red kekulu), maize (Hybrid-Sampath), mung bean (MI 6) and cowpea (Dawala) were used in place of wheat flour binder to produce sausages. Cooking yield is higher in control treatment because wheat flour has ability to hold more water than other type of flour. Sensory evaluation showed that aroma and overall acceptance are higher in maize flour filled sausages and was superior to other sausages. Taste of maize filled sausages was comparable with wheat filled sausages. The other binding agents tasted were performed poorly. Proximate analysis result showed that there is no much deviation of parameters tested among wheat and maize filled sausages. Based on these results maize can successfully be used to replace wheat flour in sausage filling.

Ranathunga, R.A.A., Jayawardena, B.C. and Gunasekara, G.T.N.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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