Effect of different levels of vermicompost on growth and yield of radish cv. local variety

The present investigation was undertaken with the main objective of effect of different levels of vermocompost on growth and yield of Radish cv. Local variety. The experiment was laid out in randomized completely block design with five treatments and four replications. The experiment consists of five treatments involving application of vermicompost 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 kg/ plot and control. The data clearly revealed that the yield obtained with treatment T4 (1.2 kg vermicompost + RDF + FYM) was significantly higher than all other treatments with respect to growth and yield i.e. highest leaf length (37.59cm), leaf weight (13.20gm), total no of leaves per plant (10.60), root length (23.11 cm), single root weight (89.03 gm), yield / plot (17.81 kg), yield / ha (59.35 t/ha) and marketable yield (44.51 t/ha) while B:C:R ratio was maximum in T1 (2.99:1).

Jadhav, P. B., Patel, D. J., Kireeti, A., Patil, N. B., Dekhane, S. S., Harad, N. B. and Jadhav, K. P.
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