The effect of health education of diabetic children in controlling diabetes in khartoum state, Sudan

The objectives of this study is to assess the effect of the training programme on total knowledge and general skills about medication of diabetic children and their carers of diabetes in Khartoum State, 2011- 2013. This is an interventional study, pre and post study design to answer research questions. Convenience sampling technique was used to select 101 diabetic children from Khartoum state. The data was collected by using a pre – tested questionnaire by researcher. The data was analyzed by the use of Statistical Package of Social science (SPSS) version 20. The results obtained showed the training programme for diabetic children and their carers has improved the level of their knowledge about controlling diabetes from 15.3% to 93.7%. It is also effective in enhancing a wide range of diabetic children and their carers skills about insulin injection from 3.20% to 96.50%.

Rabia A. Eltayeb, Azhari A. Mohammed Nour, Omar Y. Mohamed Ali and Mohamed O. Elsamani
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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