Effect of leaf extract of lantana camara on growth of seedlings of cicer aeritinum

Evaluation of effect of different concentrations of leaf extract of Lantana camara on seed germination, seedling growth and fresh weight of Cicer aeritinum has been done. In the present study allelopathic effect of leaf extract of different concentrations (15%, 25%, 75%) were compared with control treatment. After seven days of incubation at room temperature the aqueous leaf extract of various concentrations of Lantana camara on seed germination, root & shoot length, R/S ratio, Inhibition(-) or Stimulation(+) per cent, relation elongation of root & shoot and SVI on C . aeritinum have significant inhibitory effect. This study disclosed that higher concentrations of leaf extract have irregularly affected the growth of C.aeritinum than lower concentrations .Length of root (radicle) was more inhibited than the shoot length (plumule).

Sami Shrivastava and A.K. Jha
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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