Effective assessment of reading in the certificate of elementary primary education

Evalation is defined as a process which enables to get an award on developed competences in order to decide or to act. This study has bean performed upon the analysis of the evalution of reading activity concerning the Elementary Primary Studies Certificate (Certificat d’Etudes Primaires Elémentaires). It starts from hypothesis: there is a gap between the Institutional prescription about the evaluation of reading activity and the reality of that evaluation concerning the Elementary Primary Studies Certificate. Some inquiries have been hold through semi-controlled conversations in Brazzaville with both scolar Circumspections of Madibou and Makélékélé I, by Inspectors, Heads of scolar circumpections, Inspectors in charge of pédagogical activities, Principal Pédagogical Counsellors, Headmasters and active teachers with a sample of forty (40) topics. The results obtained through this research show that the oral examination of reading is not done upon the basis of protocole of evaluation officially prescribed with non-standard tools. The examiners oral instructions. By the same token, scientic community should provide to examiners a scale of marks about reading. They should first be trained before the oral evaluation not without developing their intellectual intuition.

Moussavou Guy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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