Efficient dynamic data and indirect mutual trust for cloud storage security system

Storage-as-a-Service offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) is a paid facility that enables organizations to outsource their sensitive data to be stored on remote servers. For the effective utilization of sensitive data from CSP, we propose cloud-based storage scheme that allows the data owner to encrypt the sensitive data before outsourcing to the cloud server, and perform full block-level dynamic operations (modification, insertion, deletion, and append) on the outsourced data with great efficiency and minimal management overhead. To protect data in cloud, data privacy is the challenging task. In order to address this problem, the proposed scheme uses efficient data security system by using strong cryptographic techniques. The proposed scheme enables indirect mutual trust between data owner and CSP to detect the dishonest parties. Also it ensures the authorized users receive the latest version of the outsourced. Finally, we justify system performance through theoretical analysis to evaluate and reduce storage, communication, and computation overheads. The result shows that the proposed scheme is more efficient than the existing systems.

*Abdulrahman Saeed A. Noman, Dr. Mohamed A. M. Ibrahim, and Dr. Adel Sallam M. Haider
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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