An empirical investigation on perception of business ethics and organizational culture. a case of organization in northern cyprus

Business ethics and organizational culture concepts were observed to be important in business management and organization over recent years and this has been a concept largely discussed in the literature. The present study examines the relationship between employee’s perceptions of business ethics and organizational culture by investigating the organization in Northern Cyprus. The methodology used in this research was of a quantitative nature. The empirically tested attitudes towards business ethics questionnaire (ATBEQ) was administrated to collect data in a survey of 127 respondents with a participation rate of 98%. Descriptive statistics, factor analysis, T-test, Pearson Correlation analysis been applied. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the two groups treated as our two levels of the independent variable has been implemented. The research findings prove the hypothesis stating that there is significant relationship between organizational culture and variables in the attitudes of employees toward business ethics and organizational culture.

Ayse Er and Dr. Sandybayev, A.
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