An employment impact of china Pakistan economic corridor CPEC projects

This research investigates the An Employment Impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC Projects. Data were collected from Various secondary sources and data were analyzed by using E-View-7. The findings of this research reveal that Private investments will significantly increase because of economic opportunities in the form of free trade zones and industrial processing zones, improved infrastructure, availability of energy, positive economic outlook and stable economy. It was further revealed that CPEC has frequently been regarded as a “game changer” for Pakistan. CPEC will provide the much needed boost to Pakistan’s economy. According to a report, an incremental increase of 3.6 units in investment leads to the growth of GDP by one unit. CPEC will lead to an increase in GDP growth rate at 1.5% and Employment and globalization are positively linked to one another and carry significant importance to economic policy makers in developing countries like Pakistan. Globalization has multiple affects and these affects behave differently on employment sector. It influences any economy’s number of jobs available and therefore directly affects the macroeconomic variable of unemployment rate. Prominent globalization indicators are product price convergence between the imports and exports of the two countries, secondly reduced costs of communication and transportation, and thirdly favorable policy in terms of FDI (foreign direct investment), free trade, privatization etc.

Dr. Syed Tahir Hijazi, Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G.Syed, Dr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh and Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Bhatti
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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