Enlightening the role of uddiyan bandh in ano rectal diseases

Ayurveda has given emphasis on balanced healthy diet, balanced physical activity and balanced sleep for healthy and qualitative life. Now a day faulty food habits and drastic change in lifestyle, leading to ill health. The most common and emerging problem of society are ano-rectal diseases. The commonest etiopathogenesis of these diseases is constipation, which is risk factor for other metabolic diseases. The fast food culture has again worsened the condition. Ayurveda mainly focuses on preventive aspect rather than the curative measures. Primary principal treatment of disease in Ayurveda is, to correct and ignite the Agni (Digestive Fire) along with detoxification of body. This will maintain normal metabolic activity. Yogabhyas plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy lifestyle. Here, an effort has been made to elaborate, an important aspect of Yogabhyas- The Uddiyan Bandh in prevention of ano rectal diseases.

Dr. Prachi D. Dalvi, Dr. Sujata P.Jadhav, Dr. Ashwini A. Shirke and Dr. Sneha P. Borkar
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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